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Bachelor of Individualized Study

Adult Degree Completion – Since 1975, Mason has been a leader in providing opportunities for adults to complete their bachelor’s degree through the Bachelor of Individualized Study program (BIS). BIS allows persons aged 25 and older, who have completed at least 12 college credits, to design an academically rigorous plan of study that fits their professional and personal needs.

Beta Alpha Psi – Theta Alpha Chapter

This national accounting fraternity site includes information about membership, tutoring services, events, and links to other fraternity chapters.

Biodefense and Infectious Diseases, National Center for

The National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Diseases’ objective is to address a broad array of new challenges to national and international security posed by the threat of biological terrorism. The center not only focuses its efforts on medical defense, but also on education and advising. To accomplish our mission, the Center has assembled a group of highly skilled international scientists with a broad array of experiences and abilities to conduct extensive biomedical research aiming to develop new methods of prophylaxis and treatment strategies.

Bioengineering Department

This is the official website for the Bioengineering Department at George Mason University

Biology Department

This departmental website includes information on faculty, staff, programs, facilities, and courses.

Biomedical Genomics, Center for

George Mason University’s Center for Biomedical Genomics is an applied research center in the College of Arts and Sciences located on the Prince William Campus. It operates a series of fully-equipped laboratories complete with state-of-the-art genomic microarrays, gene sequencers and bioinformatic systems. The Center is affiliated with the Shared Research Instrumentation Facility (SRIF) which provides access to an array of biochemical analysis equipment.

Black Alumni Chapter

The Black Alumni Chapter focuses on alumni networking, campus outreach, fellowship, professional development, and student scholarships. Founded in 2003, the chapter serves as a vital alumni association resource and established the first alumni chapter-driven endowment with the University.

Black/African Heritage Student Affairs

We serve as the primary support system for all George Mason students who identify themselves as African, Black, African-American or being of any national/ethnic heritage within the continent of Africa or within the African Diaspora. We engage Black/African heritage students through individual advising, services and programs that foster an inclusive community, intellectual exploration and holistic development.

Board of Visitors

George Mason Board of Visitors’ homepage, with information and members, meeting schedules, etc.


Homepage for the George Mason University bookstore, with book information, an on-line catalog, info on events and sales, and more.

Brand Profile

A guide to messaging and visual identity.

Business Services

Business Services, which manages shopMason, strives to enrich and enhance the campus experience while providing exceptional services and financially sound operations to the university community.

Business Student Organizations

This site lists students organizations connected to the School of Business with descriptions and contact information.

Business, School of

The School of Business educates future business leaders through world-class teaching, innovative academic programs and strategic business partnerships. This site provides extensive information about the programs, curriculum, faculty, student organizations, and resources.