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Veteran Certification

Veterans Certifications, in the Office of the Registrar, helps eligible students to receive education benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Benefits are awarded to reservists, active-duty, or separated personnel and dependants who have established their eligibility with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Videoconferencing Office

This site contains information for videoconferencing classes and meetings across all three campuses.

Virginia, Commonwealth of – State Website

Virtual Virginia! This site is your gateway to the commonwealth—from current beach weather and road conditions to Colonial Williamsburg, from state government news to state wilderness areas, plus events, announcements, and a great visitor’s guide.

Vision Series: Center for the Arts, Hylton Center, and Founders Hall

The George Mason University Vision Series sheds light on the real world research and creativity that takes place every day on Mason’s distributed campus. By offering a chance to share the frontiers of scholarship in an accessible style from practitioners across a broad spectrum of work, the series inspires lively discussion among students, faculty, staff, and the wider reaches of the community. Held in three of Mason’s vibrant venues; Founders Hall on the Arlington campus, Center for the Arts in Fairfax, and the Hylton Center in Prince William, we’re pleased to offer all of these events for free and we encourage you to stay for a few minutes following the lecture for an informal reception with the speaker.

Volgenau School of Engineering

The Volgenau School of Engineering’s programs cover a wide array of disciplines including applied information technology, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, systems engineering and operations research, civil, environmental, and infrastructure engineering, statistics, and bioengineering.


Volition is George Mason University’s Undergraduate Creative Magazine. It publishes poetry, prose, and visual art.