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Law, School of

The School of Law, located in Arlington, Virginia, is known for its unique program, which emphasizes law and economics. This site provides extensive information about the administration, curriculum, faculty, student organizations, and the libraries/facilities.

Learning in Retirement Institutes

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (formerly the Learning in Retirement Institute) provides opportunities for mature adults to explore intellectual and cultural subjects as well as to share their experiences and talents. This site introduces the available programs and gives a listing of special events.

Learning Services

This website contains the learning resources available to students, including the Tutor Referral Service, academic skills workshops offered, and educational pamphlets available.

LGBTQ Resources

This office is a safe and inclusive space and all are welcome to visit the office and use the space as a safe, inclusive, and comforting environment to gain access to Mason LGBTQ Resources and access to information about events and programs taking place on campus as well as to do homework and engage with friends as well as other LGBTQ and Ally individuals of the Mason community.


The home page of George Mason University Libraries contains hours and maps, news and announcements, as well as online catalogs, links to databases, and valuable reference sources.

Linguistics Club

The Linguistics Club is a student organization supporting participation in the field of linguistics and Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL). This site lists both past and upcoming events along with contacts and linguistic links on the web.

Logo Use

Auxiliary Enterprises oversees the use of the Mason name and trademarks in retail markets, departmental, and student group usage to ensure trademarked items are used appropriately.