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Industrial-Organizational Psychology

This website contains information about the activities of the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Student Association and includes a listing of related links, conferences, and program information.

Information Technology (IT) Security

This site provides computer users and system administrators with the tools and information they need to secure their systems.

Information Technology Training

The Information Technology Unit at Mason provide workshop/training opportunities to Mason faculty, staff, and students.

Information Technology Unit (ITU) Support Center

The ITU Support Center serves as the central point of contact for the university community for requesting IT support or information. This site contains information about all the services the ITU provides and how to request them.

Institutional Assessment, Office of

The Office of Institutional Assessment is responsible for assessment and reporting on student learning and academic programs, including academic program review, support unit review, the Mason Core (formerly general education), and State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) learning competencies. OIA conducts student and alumni surveys, and supports department and program assessment activities. Links to institutional reports, Tk20 assessment planning and reporting, workshops, and assessment resources.

Institutional Research and Reporting

The Office of Institutional Research and Reporting (IRR) serves as the official source of university data. The IRR website contains both current and historical data published by IRR. Some of the commonly requested data available on the website include: student and course enrollment reports, degrees conferred reports, program level information to support academic program reviews, faculty and staff statistics, course ratings, Unit Profiles of academic units, the Common Data Set, and the Factbook.

Instructional Technology Division, DoIT, ITU

The Division of Instructional Technologies (DoIT comprises four units: Classroom Technologies, GMU-TV, the Instructional Resource Center (IRC), and the Student Technology Assistance and Resources Center (STAR). Taken as a whole, the mission of DoIT is to support excellence in learning and teaching at George Mason University.

Intellectual Property Law Society

The Intellectual Property Law Society promotes the study of intellectual property law at the School of Law. Conferences, seminars, and speakers programs allow members to explore issues related to intellectual property law and career opportunities within the field.

Internal Audit and Management Services

An independent appraisal activity established within the organization to examine and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of its activities as a service to the organization.

International Programs & Services

This website contains information about the Office of International Programs and Services, which a resource for international students at Mason, including immunization requirements, events and news, and links.

International Student Access (CISA), Center for

Site contains general information about CISA’s programs (ACCESS, BRIDGE, Peer Educational Mentorship, and Peer Learning Partnership). CISA offers first-year academic programs and experiences for international and immigrant students to help them achieve their potential in a culturally inclusive learning environment.

Ireland 32

The Ireland 32 website contains information about Ireland, including the Irish peace process, Irish studies in the United States and Ireland, news, human rights information, Irish literature, and activist information about Ireland and Latin America.